Instructions for use

Clean your fruits and vegetables as usual:

Remove all inedible parts and damaged areas, wash it. Fill your sink with cold or lukewarm water. Add 10 ml of Sanaq for every liter of water. Place the food to be cleaned in a sieve and submerge it for the specified time. A slight amount is sufficient to support the washing process Strain the contents of the sieve. Drain over the basin and do not rinse. Dip: Fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms: 1–5 minutesCereal grains, seeds, nuts: 1–5 minutesSliced ​​lettuce, sliced ​​fruits, sliced ​​vegetables: 1–2 minutesPeeled root vegetables, z. B. Radish, parsnips, carrots, beetroot: 1–5 minutes Berries: 1–2 minutes. Yield: A mixture is suitable for up to 3 separate washing processes.

SANAQ 2000ml bottle